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The Sentence and its elements: The Sentence Skeleton - Part 1

Sunday, October 5, 2008
Hey buddy, How's it going?
As I said a few weeks ago I've been rather busy lately but I'm still alive :)

Tonight I'm going to cover a few sentence elements. When we think about a sentence,  sometimes we just don't recognize its elements (at least most of them), I'm sure we can recognize the subject or the verb.

Every grammarian, it seems, has his own definition. Students frequently are told that a Sentence has an expressed and understood subject and predicate, and this definition fits so well.

Subject + Predicate

  1. Birds sing. (Birds = Subject; Sing = Predicate);
  2. John smiled (John = Subject; Smiled = Predicate);
  3. Barbara cried (Barbara = Subject; Cried = Predicate).
We have seen that a sentence is composed of two essential parts, a subject and a predicate.
In speech we are accustomed to using phrases, clauses even single words since they make complete sense in the context.

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